Anonymous asked:

You're pretty much the one that made it go bad. I was just telling you that I held your happiness and don't know what went wrong and you made it seem like if I was trying to accuse the living shit of you. Relax baby girl I won't hurt you. I'm just closer than what you think I am. I can tell you're very much involved with this chick and that's good. Ohh and sorry if you thought the all the hate you've been getting was from me cuz it wasn't, seems like someone was getting it up in ur business😳

Eww just tell me who you are:/ like whats the problem just say who u are init.

smileitssunday asked:

the adult stuff to the grown ups, yeah? I'm sure the staff at your crèche are wondering where you've gone by now. Little kids shouldnt go without adult supervision. Go play with your babies and dolls house now, yeah?

Think you should do what she says she has a valid point there anon

smileitssunday asked:

Oh, and btw pal, get a grip, grow up, and fuck off anya's page. If you wanna send abuse, send it to me. Stop being so pathetic. Get off anon and reveal yourself you coward. How old are you anyway? 12? Maybe you should go back to your barbies leave

Ahaha oh my. You do make me laugh

smileitssunday asked:

Hey anon, I'm the perv? Oh right, bc I'm the one stalking a 17 year old girl on the internet, sending her abuse and commenting on ever little thing she does. Mate, you need to go buy a dictionary and understand the meaning of the words youre using.

I love you babe.

Anonymous asked:

Wow your girlfriend is such a pervert. Why the hell would she be waking up in your bed. That is disgusting don't put that picture in my brain please. What's wrong with you kissing a little kid though. Nasty. That anon sending you hate pretty funny.

Erm how is she a pervert? Shes same age mate fuck off. And whats wrong with my cousin giving me a kiss? There isnt anything wrong with that fuck off like.

Are u in another world u talk shit mate like seriously what u on about that anon sending u hate your only one so fuck off get a fucking god damn life and. Stop wasting it sending me shit fucking vile animal.

smileitssunday asked:

and guess what else, anon? You're a fucking vile human being who I hope to dear christ gets whats coming for them, because sure as hell karma's got some shit coming for you, you fucking disgusting cretin. Fuck off and leave anya alone. Send me all the abuse you want, but leave her the fuck alone, and get off anon and reveal yourself you fucking pathetic, low life coward.

Just leave itn theu cam fuck off

smileitssunday asked:

right you little asswipe if you've got something to say, come and say it to me. Leave Anya the fuck alone. And yes, you are pathetic you asswipe, and do you know why? Because you're scum who finds pleasure on going online, hiding behind you're computer screen and sending hate like a pathetic little nobody with no fucking life. Do everyone a favour and fuck off back to the shitty arse you came from, you good for nothing, disgusting shitty asswipe.


Anonymous asked:

Why are you bringing your "girlfriend" in it? She has nothing to do with it. And wow really, she's calling me pathetic. Why don't you just take a fucking look in the mirror and take some perspective before you go around calling other people pathetic!!

Fuck off man. If u dont wanna tell me who u are then leave. And yes my girlfriend and she cares is there a law agaisnt my gf having an opinion go away

Anonymous asked:

you know your really fat and ugly right?

smileitssunday answered:

well, actually darling, i’m not fat. Check any BMI calculator hoe, im perfect. Furthermore, I’m not ugly, I’m average and anyways, I’m certainly more attractive than you because that personality and attitude drags you down to a -10000000 on the attractive scale, asswipe.

Love this girl she makes me laugh